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Ribeye and Melted Swiss French Dip 28
12 quarter sandwiches served with au jus [Serves 4-6 people]

Chicken Salad Sandwich 31
12 quarter sandwiches served on your choice of bread [Serves 4-6 people]

Prosciutto and French Bread 29
French bread sliced and topped with tapenade, provolone and sliced prosciutto [Serves 8-10 people]

Tapenade with Flatbread 25
Tapenade served with toasted flatbread. Serves 8-10 people

Anti-pasto Platter 35
Assortment of meats, cheeses, Kalamata olives and fresh vegetables [Serves 8-10 people]

Roasted Red Pepper Humus 17
Roasted red pepper humus served with pita chips [Serves 8-10 people]

Blue Cheese Dip with Vegetables 31
Homemade blue cheese dip served with fresh seasonal vegetables [Serves 8-10 people]

Caprese 25
Layers of fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes topped with balsamic vinaigrette [Serves 8-10 people]

Cheese & Crackers 32
Assorted Cheese and Crackers [Serves 10-12 people[

Chicken Tenders 25
15 tenders served with honey mustard dressing [Serves 4-6 people]

Jumbo Wings 45
50 jumbo wings served with ranch dressing

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks 20
30 Mozzarella cheese sticks served with marinara

Dublin Skins 23
14 potato skins served with sour cream

Cheese Quesadilla 23
24 slices served with salsa and sour cream [Serves 8-10 people]

Chicken Quesadilla 32
24 slices served with salsa and sour cream [Serves 8-10 people]

Large Chips and Salsa 8
Tortilla Chips served with salsa

Large Chips and Cheese Dip 9
Tortilla Chips served with jalapeno queso cheese dip

Assorted Pastries 24
Fresh assorted pastries [Serves 8-10 people]

Sample Buffet Options
» Click on a buffet below for a more detailed look at what each option entails. Remember, these are just samples and we can cater a buffet to meet your individual tastes and requests. Plus prices of the buffets shown may fluctuate depending on seasonal price changes to certain ingredients. You may click here to download Irish Bred Pub Buffet Options PDF.

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